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Close to 10 years ago, sick of getting routinely dumped and completely wrecked emotionally with repeated rejections… I went on a “do-or-die” mission to seek out the quickest, most effective way to seduce women ever known to humankind.

My year-long quest led me to a ultra-secretive group known as the MKDELTA. This was where forbidden knowledge on Mind Control was being shared freely behind iron walls closed to the outside world.
Members of MKDELTA dissected insidious Mind Control techniques that put their victims into cult-like trance and turning them into emotional slaves, in body and in mind. I was, however, interested only in one very specific thing…

Unlimited power over women.

During the three years I was in the group I completely immersed myself in Mind Control techniques, and I ended up formulating a step-by-step Method on how to use stealthy Mind Control techniques on women to generate raw, almost animalistic attraction to me.

This Method is built around this one very fundamental (and yet little-known) truth about women –
The Woman’s Mind Has A Natural Flaw That Can Be Easily Exploited
Women have a flaw embedded deep inside their minds which make them vulnerable to men who know how to exploit that flaw.

The existence of this flaw in the female mind had been scientifically established by famous psychologists like Carl Jung, Alfred Kinsey and Sigmund Freud. However, given how controversial it is, you can understand why this important finding has been covered up over the years by the politically correct mass media…

… and yet once you know what this flaw is, it will change how you view love and attraction forever, and it is this:

A woman has absolutely NO CONTROL over who to fall in love with.

Think about it for a minute. What could this mean?

Pretty simple, actually. It means that women don’t get attracted to men just because they consciously DECIDE to feel it. In other words, it naturally happens.

Now since a woman can’t control who to feel attracted to, we can FORCE her to feel attraction… as long as we have the ability to push every single ‘Attraction Button’ that is hard-wired into her mind.

This means that if you have the ability to evoke a certain ‘hot’ emotion inside a woman, then she will feel immediate attraction for you without the need for her to consciously think about it.

Therefore, with the right approach, you can exploit this flaw inside a woman’s mind to your advantage…

In particular, with Mind Control tactics, you will have the power to hack into her mind, push her Attraction Buttons and BRUTE FORCE her to be attracted to you.

And when that happens, she will fall in love with you, and she won’t even have a choice about it.


From a user of the shogun method...

One Easy Step At A Time

The heart of the Shogun Method is the famed IRAE Model – a roadmap consisting of four distinct stages in seduction, namely Intrigue, Rapport, Attraction, and Enslavement.
In the Shogun Method, you’re only supposed to focus on one stage at a time, and mastering the techniques contained in that particular stage. To me, this helped me to avoid information overload and it gave me a clear mind on what next to do with a particular woman that I am interested in.

Now I can’t claim to be an expert at the Shogun Method, but I’ve gone through the complete IRAE cycle once, and so here’s what I think. The Enslavement stage is the most exciting (to me at least!) because that’s where you can wield the most power when you start to indoctrinate a woman and make her subservient to you.

Derek had warned not to use Enslavement techniques unnecessarily, but out of curiosity I had used one of its tactics (the Black Rose Sequence) on this girl I was going out with… and to say that it completely blew my mind would be an understatement. 

Well, not to mince my words, she had been quite a bitch to me, but now she’s as obedient to me as a puppy.

OK, to be fair to Derek and his clients, I can’t disclose what the Black Rose Sequence is in detail, but to summarize, you use it completely “erase” a woman’s self-identity, and install a new identity that’s completely subservient to you. In the Shogun Method, this new identity (“Persephone” in Shogun Method lexicon)  is completely under your control. It can indeed be quite sinister especially if you have malicious intentions.

The Final Warning You Should Take Heed Of

There’s one thing to watch out for, though: there’s no option to undo the effect of Enslavement as far as I know. If you’re not really serious about a woman, then subjecting her to the Shogun Method can be intolerably cruel.

For a presentation on the Shogun Method, click below. You’ll have to register with your email address, but it’ll all be worth it. You’ll have your eyes opened, I guarantee it.

Your Answer of How to be a Bad Ass at Getting All the Women You Want...

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